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Prankster Planet Backgrounds

Here are some of the backgrounds I worked on during my second project at Primal Screen, Season 2 of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet. This time I worked in both Adobe Illustrator and Flash. My job was to create the backgrounds using assets designed by Primal Screen for Season 1 of Prankster Planet, as well a some new ones for this season. Some of the props had to be modified while others had to be redrawn in different angles. All artwork published with permission from Primal Screen.

 *The foundation for the above piece, mainly the geological features, was done by another artist at Primal Screen.

Dungeon Rampage! Backgrounds

These are the backgrounds I illustrated in my first project at Primal Screen, an intro to the game Dungeon Rampage! They were done entirely in Adobe Photoshop. All artwork published with permission from Primal Screen.

*Dungeon Rampage! Poster created by Primal Screen