Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Take on Japonisme

I am not a big manga fan but for years I’ve been fascinated by the ukiyo-e (floating world) style and japonisme, so I started to make a series like the example shown in March 16 post. This is the finished drawing. Even though the style was referenced from other images, the drawing itself is original. It was cleaned up colored in Photoshop but the motif of the dress was made in Illustrator and then imported to Photoshop. If the background looks familiar, I traced the pattern from a Piet Mondrian painting using a PS brush and added the textures and my own colors.


  1. Thanks for you comments in my you speak spanish? I also see you have many styles and your job is diverse, thanks to follow and comment my job, is hard to be a drawer and when we find friends with similar interests we can improve and grow. Thanks to be my friend...

    Since Peru,


  2. Sí, DeVaTe, el español es mi primer idioma. Soy de Puerto Rico. Gracias por visitar mi blog y siéntete en confianza de comentar en el idioma más hermoso del mundo - sabes de cuál hablo, ¿no?