Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is not an ad for scented candles.

Hello, dear readers. I know you I owe you guys (and gals) a 10 second animation but I'm still working on the clean up. I'll post it in a few days, but meanwhile I'll leave you with this drawing I did about a year ago.

I used to have another blog where I did a lot of ranting and I did this piece to illustrate a post about festivities made specifically for women, those being: weddings, baby showers, quinceañeras and Tupperware parties.

To summarize, I'm not fond of any celebration where I'm told specifically what gifts to bring. Regarding weddings and baby showers, just because other people are getting laid doesn't mean I have to pay for it, right? The quinceañeras, which are the latin equivalent of the sweet sixteen, except that they're celebrated at 15, are basically a wedding party without a groom. Considering that being 15 is no landmark, it is certainly a pointless celebration and a big waste of money. They should save that money for the baby shower which will be probably be celebrated before the sweet sixteen. Finally, I really don't get the point of Tupperware parties: all the fun of those clever baby shower games mixed with the duty of purchasing expensive items that basically do the same job of a used margarine container.

People are strange...


  1. It was both refreshing and sad to find you again my dear Rafael. To read this line "I used to have another blog..." brought back memories of a distant past, where your alter-ego made me laugh and think at the same time (mostly laugh, anyway). I've always admired your talent regarding art, so until La Puta strikes back, I'll follow you here. Needless to say, SALUD!!!

    ps. I'm not clear what happened with the late Gajo Nation.

  2. It's a long story, my friend. Nice to see you again!

  3. jajajajaja that's true! it's a waste of money, though i think baby shower is the official party, so who cares about quinceañeras or sweet sixteen?!!