Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ghost Rider with Latin Flavor

This drawing was inspired by an interesting story of a guy here in Puerto Rico who, after dying in a shooting, had his body displayed as if he were riding a motorcycle, according to his wishes. He likely knew that he was going to die soon, since it's an unusual request, especially for a 22-year-old. (For more info read this.)

I started the drawing shortly after his death in April, this year, but I left it forgotten in a hidden corner of my computer and recently found it again. By now there has been another dead guy displayed on a motorcycle and one on the driver's seat of an ambulance. These men were probably inspired by a young man last year whose body was displayed standing up. I think it's an interesting fad, and I do hope it lasts (as creepy as they may sound). After all, dead people make great models for artists.


  1. Como sempre, o desenho está fantástico! Também gostei da metáfora do texto em espiral. O desejo que lhe foi concedido antes de conhecer o seu destino de pagar pelos seus pecados. É forte!

  2. Quedó igualito al modelo original. Ya los muertos no se despiden como antes, hay que se gangster hasta en la funeraria. Lo que me mató fue la letra de "Highway to Hell". Excelente como siempre. SALUD!!!