Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Show on Mondo Media!

Last October I had the great fortune of meeting Tony Grillo, founder and supreme ruler of Flinch Studio, and in December he let me part of this new series for Mondo Media (famous for Happy Tree Friends and Dick Figures), called Goodwin vs. Badwin. This is a joint venture between Flinch, Gene Fowler's Loogaroo Studio and, which produces the show. This is the second episode of the series (click here to watch the first one) but it's the first one I actually worked on. In this episode I tuned up the animation of the two main characters, animated their lip sync, and added some effects.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. If you'd like to see more (or at least keep me from being unemployed) remember to give it a thumbs up in youtube and like it on facebook (I don't have an account but I bet you do). Also, tell your friends!

For more information on the show, click here.

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